Having trouble walking but want to have sand at your feet at the beach? Do you worry that you’ll never access Oceano, CA beach with your family now that you can’t walk? Fret not! It is possible to access the beach, collect sea shells, and even feel the wind in your hair with a cool tropical drink in hand thanks to the motorized wheelchair. With a beach power chair, accessing the beach is no longer just a dream. At Rent Beach Power Chair, we make it possible to enjoy beach vacations with no accessibility worries.

Why choose our beach power chair? First off, it is reliable and comfortable. All our beach power chairs are made with you in mind. That’s why they are trustworthy and comfy to ride in regardless of the weather at the beach. The seats are padded and adjustable and with armrests and footrests, and a joystick to make moving easy and fast. It also boasts a battery indicator to indicate a low/full charge.

Rent Beach Power Chair provides top-notch beach power wheelchairs that are custom-made for the beach. You cannot have a conventional wheelchair at the beach but you can use our motorized wheelchairs! Our bespoke chairs are durable and made of the aluminum material on its frames, and boasts many adjustments. It comes with a padded seat that is comfortable and which partially reclines.

We have the best and most affordable motorized chairs for all your beach vacation needs. Mobility is no longer a problem when you have a power chair that gives you full access to the beach with no hitches. Our goal is to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with our work and that you leave a lasting impression on your family and friends seeing you at the beach. Beach accessibility in the Oceano, CA, Grover Beach, and San Luis Obispo, the beach is longer just a dream. We can make it happen.

See our website at californiacoastbeachpowerchair.com to learn more.