Wheelchair Rental

Looking for reliable wheelchair rental services in the greater Pismo Beach, CA area? Do you want your loved one to have a good time at the beach with you and your friends? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Rent Beach Power Chair is a one-stop solution for all your motorized wheelchair needs. We know you’d like to have fun at the beach, have sand on your feet, or sit under an umbrella enjoying a drink and cool winds blowing on your hair; we can make it happen. It’s not a dream.

What makes our motorized wheelchair so popular is the independence and convenience it provides. Imagine having to rely on your loved ones to help you get to the beach and then push you around in a wheelchair in the sand. What an arduous task! To make such scenarios a thing of the past, Rent Beach Power Chair will provide you with a reliable beach power chair that comes with independence and freedom.

Whether you are in Pismo Beach, CA, Oceano, Grover Breach, or in another nearby community, rest assured we are ready to serve you and even exceed all your expectations. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on anyone who has mobility issues and can’t enjoy the beach because either they have difficulty moving or they’re confined to a wheelchair. For wheelchair rental needs, call today!

Our beach wheelchairs are not only loved; they are highly recommended for those looking to enjoy their beach vacation with friends and family. The good thing about the wheelchair is that it is strong enough to hold a person who weighs between 50lbs and 350lbs. Its frames are sturdy and made of heavy-duty aluminum and can withstand corrosion thanks to its anti-corrosive properties. It comes with a built-in umbrella stand and an optional beach umbrella for those sunny days at the beach.

Visit our website at californiacoastbeachpowerchair.com.